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Currently Reading – July edition

Posted by: Gregory on: July 24, 2018

Hello! We’re experiencing a heatwave of 100-degree days here in Boise; perfect weather for staying inside and reading! My name is Gregory and I’m excited to be a member of the Rainbow List committee this year. I’m a junior high Teacher Librarian, so I’m enjoying having extra reading time in the summer months. Here are some of the books I’ve been reading lately:

Caterpillars Can’t Swim by Liane Shaw (YA novel)
Ryan swims for his high school team, despite being wheelchair-bound due to Cerebral Palsy which mostly affects his lower legs. Early one morning, while out at a favorite spot in the park, Ryan sees a girl dancing by the river’s edge. She plunges into the water and seems to be drowning. Ryan throws himself off the bridge and rescues the dancer… who turns out to be Jack, a boy from Ryan’s school, wearing his mother’s skirt. The two boys reluctantly become acquaintances, then friends. Jack is finally able to talk about what it’s like being gay in a small, conservative Southern town.

A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson
Archie and Tristan, two real-life friends, have a conversation about pronouns in graphic novel format. The simple black and white illustrations are clear and fun, and the explanations are direct and easy to understand. This is a great resource for anyone struggling with they/them pronouns or wanting to help others learn.

Harriet Gets Carried Away by Jessie Sima (picture book)
Harriet loves costumes, and she’s having a costume birthday party soon. She dons her penguin costume to go shopping with her parents — one black, one white, both male — and while her dads are busy at the deli counter, Harriet finds herself on an adventure with a pack of penguins, an orca, and some pigeons from the park!

Social Intercourse by Greg Howard (YA novel)
Beck is flamboyant, out and proud, and desperate to lose his gay virginity. Jax is a good-looking, popular jock with two moms and a hot girlfriend. The two high schoolers narrate their stories in alternating chapters and bold, honest (if occasionally un-PC) detail. Funny, dramatic, shocking, sexy… this book is a big, gay rollercoaster, without a doubt!

Be sure to check back here frequently to see what other committee members are reading, and what books are under consideration for next year’s Rainbow List!

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Thank you for great recommendations for my high school library’s queer lit collection,

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