Rainbow Book List

Book Suggestions

Book Suggestion Requirements

Books considered for the bibliography are to have been published in the United States, within the assigned calendar year or between July 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year (e.g. Books to be considered for the 2023 Rainbow Book List must be published between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022). Title suggestions must be provided before September 30 to be considered for the current year’s consideration. 

Jury members of the Rainbow Book List Committee may not recommend a book that they have contributed to, edited, or in any other way been affiliated with, or recommend a book coauthored or edited by a member of their immediate family or anyone with whom they currently share a household.

If your selection meets the criteria, fill out the form below.

Please be aware that the form is for suggesting a title in case the committee members may not already be aware of it. Repeated submissions of a title do not affect the title’s chances of appearing on the final list.

    Only works published in English in the USA or Canada between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 are eligible. Reprints of previously published books are ineligible unless they are substantially changed and thus considered new editions. English translations of foreign-language books are eligible.

    Example: Phobos Books, an imprint of Deimos Publishing, a division of Martian Press, Inc.